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Indigo Dye Makes Clothes and Bags Colorful

A heap of deep indigo dye granules on the white paper.

Deep indigo dye can make a dark blue tone, symbolizing tranquility.

Everyone has the heart of beauty, especially women. They expect that they can make themselves look more beautiful by wearing pretty clothes and carrying colorful bags. And blue is a striking color accepted by many people in the world. Indigo dye can provide light, middle and deep blue, and these colors can meet people's need for beauty. Therefore, textile and leather indigo dye is used in clothes and bags dyeing, such as jeans, blue T-shirts, blue sweaters, blue scarfs, blue silk cheongsam, blue leather bags, blue cotton bags, blue gloves and so on, which makes a splendid landscape of streets .

Indigo dye for clothes

Blue has been accepted by more and more people in the world recently. And indigo dye can provide various blue colors, such as light blue, middle blue, dark blue and so on. Therefore, indigo dye is becoming more and more important and popular in modern society. People dye the original blue jeans with indigo. So indigo dye is very important to blue jeans. Nearly all people in the world including men and women, the old and the young wear jeans. They wear blue jeans in different colors and styles.

Indigo dye can also be used in wool, which can make woolen sweater. Besides, indigo dye can be used in silk, which can make cheongsam. What's more, indigo dye can be used in leather, which can make jackets that can make men very handsome. Wool, silk and leather are all materials of clothes, so indigo dye in mainly used in clothes dyeing.

A man wears a pair of jeans, a pair of black canvas shoes and a white T-shirt, with one leg bending.

Jeans dyed with indigo make the person look simple but fashion.

A middle blue silk cheongsam on a black plastic model.

Silk cheongsam dyed with indigo makes person look more graceful.

Wool with different colors (light blue, middle blue, deep blue) is winded orderly.

Indigo dye makes wool have different colors, which can be accepted by various people.

A T-shirt with blue and white alternated pattern hangs on the wall by a hanger.

Indigo dye makes the T-shirt pretty.

Indigo dye for bags

Many girls don't like to place articles in their pockets, because it will influence the beauty of clothes. And some clothes are designed without packets. So they need a bag to contain articles when they go out.

You can see the blue bags on the streets and in the shopping malls. Why they are so popular with ladies? Most of blue bags are dyed with indigo, which can supply various blue colors for choice, such as the light blue, middle blue, deep blue and so on. Additional, the colors dyed by indigo are fade resistant and remain a bright color unchanged even in the sunlight burning and wet environments. If you use a cotton blue bag, it will not fade when you wash it. So not only many girls, but also many ladies use handbags dyed with indigo.

A blue handbag with pretty decorations on it, appearance is stone pattern.

Handbag dyed with indigo makes person who carries it look more ladylike.

A cotton bag hangs on the wall with light blue on the top, white in the medium and deep blue in the bottom.

Indigo dye makes the bag unique and resistance to dust.

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