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Eating Indigo Dye - Food Additive

A heap of middle blue indigo dye in a white ceramic container.

Powder indigo dye is easier soluble in solvent.

With social progress and people's living standards improvement, most families pursuit green and healthy food. And the food to eat by people is becoming more and more colorful. Red, green, yellow, blue, purple all appeared in the food. Natural food is not colorful enough, so people add synthetic colorant to food. Food colorant makes food have pretty appearance, which can stimulate the appetite of people. And food sells well as a result. But many people especially the old hold the idea that food colorant is harmful to health. But many researches have demonstrated that it is healthy to eat food with colorant, if the amount of food colorant you intake is less than ADI.Then, food colorant indigo dye is added to food as additives, which makes blue cakes, blue noodles and M & Ms appear.

A slice of blue cake on a piece of white paper, with white cream on the top.

The cake dyed with indigo looks like an artwork.

Three cups of blue drink on the table, with a snowflake solid on the top of each cup.

Drinks added into indigo are accepted by many people, especially youngster.

Many eggs with bright blue eggshell are placed in a container.

Eggs dyed with indigo can make the appetite of people larger.

There are some M & Ms with light, middle and deep blue in a hand.

Indigo dye provides various blue for M & Ms, making them look pretty and sell well.

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